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Snurfer "Super Racing Model"

Snurfer Super Racing Model
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Marke: Snurfer
Model: Super Racing Model
Länge: 118cm
Gewicht: 0.000kg
Seriennummer: keine Angabe
Letzter Vorbesitzer: Al Ernest Coleman, USA
Im Museum dank: - der Geschenkeshop für Boarder
Im Museum seit: 31. Mai 2009


dieser Snurfer hing in 2011/2012 fast ein Jahr als Leihgabe im Rahmen der Dauerausstellung "Auf die Plätze - Sport und Gesellschaft" im Deutschen Hygienemuseum in Dresden - in Deutschland war lt. Angaben der Verantwortlichen kein anderer Snurfer aufzutreiben


  • Snurfer Super Racing Model
  • Snurfer Super Racing Model
  • Snurfer Super Racing Model
  • Snurfer Super Racing Model
  • Snurfer Super Racing Model
  • Snurfer Super Racing Model


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  • Kommentar "I owned three of the Snurfers, only one was made into a carving board. The other two were of the yellow/black paint, with carpet staples to hold your feet on. The third was modified by my dad and myself, to have three fins, aluminum edge-angle along the sides to give it hard-snow grip, rubber bike intertubes to hold the feet, and a base layer of pre-preg fiberglass to add speed. It retained the nose rope for soft snow, and I gave it to Paul Graves as a thank you for the Nationals Race at Suicide Six in 1982. It's likely the only tri-fin Snurfer with bindings and a new base layer ever, but it worked! I gotta give my Dad, a mining engineer, credit, for making my design, at 17 yrs. along, presentable and functional! If not for him, I would've been only a carpenter!"
    von Eric Brammer am 13. Januar 2015 05:51:31 CET


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