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Burton "Elite 130"

Burton Elite 130
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Marke: Burton
Model: Elite 130
Saison: '87/'88
Länge: 130cm
Gewicht: 2.681kg
Seriennummer: 388 100445
Letzter Vorbesitzer: Matt Wilder, USA
Im Museum dank: - der Geschenkeshop für Boarder
Im Museum seit: 17. Juni 2009


Titus Dittmann von TITUS hat für uns den Transport aus den USA nach Karlsruhe organisiert - vielen Dank !


  • Burton Elite 130
  • Burton Elite 130
  • Burton Elite 130
  • Burton Elite 130


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  • Kommentar "Should you find THIS in your barn/garage or at a yard sale/E-Bay auction, is this; Use the middle insert as a 'fixed point', and then add two more 'aftermarket' inserts (preferably My design, the one Sun Valley stole from me in '88) in the Burton 33mm triangle just ahead of the front one, just aft of the rear one. This only takes four inserts to do! Then this makes for a 20" stance, adjustable to 21.5", using Burton's 3-D pattern and modern bindings. WHHOO-HHAAAHh, this makes a GREAT Powder Board for those less than 95 Kilos, and it'll RIP trees like nothing else!! It's great for little one's too! "P.S.R.""
    von Eric Brammer am 30. November 2014 06:25:16 CET
  • Kommentar "Yeah. I got the Burton Elite 140 at home on the wall :-) "
    von Andreas am 12. März 2015 14:59:30 CET


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