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Nitro "EFT goofy"

Nitro EFT goofy
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Marke: Nitro
Model: EFT goofy
Saison: '90-'91
Länge: keine Angabe
Gewicht: 0.000kg
Seriennummer: keine Angabe
Letzter Vorbesitzer: unbekannt
Im Museum dank: - der Geschenkeshop für Boarder
Im Museum seit: keine Angabe


  • Nitro EFT goofy
  • Nitro EFT goofy
  • Nitro EFT goofy
  • Nitro EFT goofy
  • Nitro EFT goofy
  • Nitro EFT goofy
  • Nitro EFT goofy
  • Nitro EFT goofy
  • Nitro EFT goofy


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  • Kommentar "Mein erstes Asy, 1992 im Ausverkauf erstanden...hat leider nicht lange gehalten. "
    von Hugh am 28. Januar 2011 23:37:12 CET
  • Kommentar "This board was amazing!! It was the first board I 'looped' a full carved circle on, in '91!!, using Elfgen soft bindings and Sorel McKinley's! I put plates (Burton Vari-plate)on it, due to Mr. Robbin's influence, and found that hardboot riding was a huge giggle! My lordy, I could put down 3-4 turns a second, and arc across (and back UP!) anything less steep than an expert trail. It was Surfing, on steroids! Best of all was the Ceramic inlay on these; No chatter, even at 100 KPH, these boards just hooked up and turned! You had to be 'on it', all the time, as they'd hook an edge way too easy, but damn, you could carve trenches tat left plankers speechless, and made the groomers hate you for seasons-to-come! God, I do wish THESE boards were re-done (ahem, with inserts, and in the right places!!, Please!!), as, they were a breakthrough in board-tech and design that's rarely matched even today. "P.S.R.""
    von Eric Brammer am 30. November 2014 07:49:53 CET


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